About Us

New Riders

We welcome new riders, as we know the happiness one can achieve after getting on two wheels!

Street Riders: You are already on two wheels and you know how much fun it is being on one. Let's take your level of fun up a few notches and show you what you have been missing.

Track Riders:

So going very fast on the tarmac is exciting? Yes, Indeed! Now let us take you on the training ground - Off-road! Where you will learn to master the skill of counter steering & playing with the motorcycle which will make you faster on the Tarmac & Yes, you save yourself from sliding down on it!

Adventure Riders:

You already have a big 1200 bike which claims it can take you anywhere? We all know the reality is a little different. Come ride our light, powerful & the real go anywhere on any terrain motorcycles & you will know what a motorcycle adventure really is.

Founder: Ikram Durrani

Riding Experience: 28 Years behind the handlebars, Started when he was 3(Thanks Dad), Has got more handlebar time than anyone you might know on all terrains you can imagine & the occasional watch what I can do(Streetbike in the woods, muddy mountains, rocks, & the most favorite place desert sand!)

For Ikram this is not a job, This is his passion & lifestyle that you're getting an insight of.

All he thinks about is Riding, Building Motorcycles, Riding & Riding.

His objective is to give the customers at Motoventure an amazing experience of a lifetime.

It's very easy to be great at what you do when you love it with all your heart.

To put it simply Motoventure is a company from a Biker to Everyone.

We could talk about Ikram all day, However this is what the customers had to say.

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